Annual production of 150,000 electric bikes.

In 2021, we opened another plant in Česká Třebová where we are now producing on 2 assembly lines. Also, we have launched new lines for automatic spoking, which allowed us to significantly increase pre-assembly capacity.

Our common goal is to build a new production complex in Letohrad where we plan to produce 150,000 electric bikes per year. It will include sufficient storage space, which is currently provided by an external company. Here you can see the visualization of the new plant.

The long-term strategy of TOTEM BIKES is to offer high-quality products at a high technical level not only in Europe but also on markets around the world. Therefore, the new project is given such great attention.

We are constantly increasing demands on a reliable quality management system in all stages of pre-production, production and post-production processes. We are strengthening the quality control team and introducing further measures for the continuous standard of high quality electric bikes produced by TOTEM BIKES.